21Things to Explain to Out of Towners

May 3, 2016

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When people are considering moving to Mission Beach it helps to give them the heads up on these 21 things:-

  1. The weather is almost always perfect……
  2. Don’t expect things to happen fast ….. everything is in slower motion in Mission Beach
  3. Except the grass of course……you can mow every 10 days
  4. The rainfall is measured in metres not inches
  5. Vodaphone does not work at all in Mission Beach
  6. It might look close but it takes a very long time to swim to Dunk Island……yes people have tried
  7. You will not go to the beach nearly as much as you think you will
  8. There are a lot more beaches than you originally thought
  9. Wallabies are common and are everywhere in South Mission Beach
  10. The prevailing weather comes from the south east
  11. Yes we do get surf …. well at Bingil Bay, sometimes you see surfers
  12. When it rains it pours, so you will wonder where all that water went
  13. Cane toads aren’t your average backyard frog
  14. Everything is bigger in the north……spiders, snakes, cockroaches, plants and waterfalls
  15. Stingers are in that beautiful calm water in summer … so don’t even think about putting your foot in, you can’t see their tentacles
  16. If you think its hot in December wait till the humidity kicks in, your first summer really is the worst
  17. That a pool with a shade cover is a summer “must have”
  18. Swimming in the stinger enclosure in summer is not refreshing it’s more like swimming in soup
  19. It takes at least 20 years to become a local
  20. You will fall in love with the place!
  21. Why is every second property for sale? ………well that’s to keep all us real estate agents in work of course!!

We are so happy to have chosen Lyn & Grahame Anderson they were extremely helpful and kept us informed of progress all the way through the sale. Very professional and friendly and we would recommend them to anyone.

Bert Fry and Beth
Being a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland gives you peace of mind.
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