If you want to sell your home for more $$, there are a number of simple and inexpensive tips to help you improve the kerb appeal of your home to prospective buyers. Guaranteed to help you stand out in the market.


The very important first impression! Does your home or block of land look well maintained and loved?

  • Mow, whipper snip and weed, including the footpath
  • Trim bushes and remove any trees that touch the house
  • Remove dead palm fronds/plants and take to the rubbish tip
  • Place wheelie bins out of sight
  • Pressure clean driveways
  • Clean gutters, windows, doors, fascia and the eaves
  • Clean out carports and garages (consider storing items off site)
  • Check the pool, does it look well maintained and inviting?
  • Check all windows and doors open easily
  • Are the screens free from tears?


Buyers love clean, uncluttered, nice smelling homes! So even if it’s not spring it’s time to give it a big clean.

  • Make sure the walls, ceilings, windows, blinds, fans, air-conditioners, floors, cupboards, showers, toilets, oven and grill are really clean and shiny.
  • Curtains washed or dry cleaned and carpets and mats professionally cleaned.
  • The smell of a home on arrival can make or break a sale. You may not smell the pet or tobacco odours but the buyer will.
  • Put away things you don’t use everyday, chances are you have adapted to the cluttered look, so use a critical eye to remove items from view.
  • STOP! Throwing them into cupboards and drawers is not the answer. Buyers will want to look inside them, so less is better.
  • If necessary, remove excess furniture/clutter and store off site
  • Fix any leaking taps and make sure all lights work
  • Correct any obvious defects
  • If painting is required, choose light neutral colours
  • Let as much light in as possible, by lifting blinds and drawing back curtains

On Inspection

Make sure beds are made, layout out fresh towels, turn the lights on and make the home feel comfortable for the potential buyer on arrival.

The buyer needs to feel relaxed and not rushed while going through your home, so to make them feel comfortable it is best if you go out and leave your home in the agents hands.

I would recommend Grahame Anderson to anyone looking to buy in the area anything land/house/unit…Grahame is the guy to call….I will only deal with Grahame for my all my Real Estate Needs….10 out of 10.

Nicole Seery
Andersons Real Estate sold the highest priced home on Kennedy Esplanade
88 Kennedy Esplanade, South Mission Beach for $1,175,000
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